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UPDATE: Getting great input and changes are being made in response! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Keep it up! 1. You will start to see very noticeable changes in just a few days with the layout and format for some pages. Speed is crucial, so these changes will be effecting page upload times significantly. 2. More explainer videos will be strategically placed in areas where the USER may need how-to tips. These explainer vids are time-consuming to make because when one part of a process or a button is moved, the explainer video has to be re-written, re-recorded, and re-edited to incorporate that change or move. One explainer I've been wanting to put up is now on its 8th version. This is why this functionality test is very very important....the changes resulting from this test dictates how those explainer videos are written, recorded, and edited. 3. Many of the things you're doing in facebook are available now on Cheyenne One. Many are not aware of it because while facebook calls one function one thing, Cheyenne One has a different terminology for it. An explainer video will help translate these terms. 4. When you just start typing in the User Chat box without specifying a certain recipient for your message, your message will go to CHEYENNE ONE the company (with is me). Clicking on "+New Chat" will allow you to select which particular user for whom your message is intended. An explainer video will be created for this. 5. Each explainer video I will be producing will have two locations: the first is next to the appropriate place in which the explainer vid is relevant. The second is in the HELP/SEARCH tab on the CONTROL PANEL where the user can type their question in and the most relevant answer will be offered via keyword and key phrases. This function is's only waiting for a few more explainer videos to be produced. However, the production is delayed for these videos since these videos are effected by the changes we are making due to the great input and feedback you are providing to me in this TEST. More update soon. Be sure to login at least once a day because many many things are happening fast and furious to get this platform honed.

Devin Edgar
Mar 04, 2021

When i logged in this morning this is what I got..stuff in spanish...i backed out went back in and it was in English



Welcome to the CHEYENNE ONE SITE group where you can follow ...


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