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I continue to make fixes and alterations as testers give feedback. UPDATE: 1.Mobile design issue has been fixed. @asnab07 was not seeing the menu pull down bar from the profile pages. So I fixed the code. Code had a coma in the wrong place. You can now see the pull down menu on mobile app which has a label on it and a down-arrow. 2. The profile menu tab design was altered to make the highlight of the tab label more obvious. I also put a brownish background behind the menu tabs for a clearer delineation from the profile cover picture. Many of the issues and bugs will be fixed immediately and they are usually very minor fixes. Something as simple as a coma in the wrong place in the code will screw things up. So as I fix issues, please expect the fix to create some other issues because I could inadvertently touch a wrong key on my keyboard. When you see a new issue popup that was not there before, it's mostly likely due to my typing. Those little typos will happen no matter how much I try not to make them. But as we finish up the tests, those little mistakes will tend to disappear over time.

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