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Video Wyoming is a group that celebrates Wyoming, its people, its culture, its beauty through videos shared, created, and produced by amateurs, hobbyists, professionals, and aspiring videographers and filmmaking enthusiasts. This community is about networking, sharing, encouraging, learning, inspiring, entertaining and educating on the craft and art of video from any video capture device no matter your skill level.

Please no photos, politics, memes, and anything that is not related to the craft and art of video. Any still image will be disqualified from posts. Slide shows with music are not qualified as videos (they are slideshows with music).

Admin will from time to time hold contests and events for you to have a chance at winning accessories, equipment, and other video-related goodies.

Remember, your behavior in this group, whether you agree, or not, reflects on the art, the craft, the profession, and the hobby--so if you love the art, the craft, the profession, and the hobby show it in your behavior so others can be inspired, encouraged, and be emboldened for greatness.


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