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******UPDATE******* Please support SF0145 - Election runoffs.

Argument for a party primary run off. Crossover voting is not what got us in this mess. The 2018 governor's primary results: Republican Dahlin 1,763 Friess 29,842 Galeotos 14,554 Gordon 38,951 Hageman 25,052 Haynes 6,511 Total 116,673

Democratic Casner 1,213 Green 2,391 Throne 12,948 Wilde 1,201 Total 17,753 Did over 9,000 democrats and other liberals crossover or first time register and vote for gordon? I'm sure some did, maybe that many. If Wyoming had a primary run off like ten other states do when there is no majority winner, it would have been between Friess and gordon. Who do you think would be governor today? Going forward, we are surely going to see this repeat, not only in the gubernatorial election, but very possibly in other elections as well, most particularly the election for Wyoming's Representative to the US House. All candidates run because they want to win, the ones that aren't aristocrats also believe they are best suited for the position. For any of them to stand aside and endorse an opponent, admitting they have a better chance of winning is not something we should expect. I strongly suspect that liberals/progressives/globalists etc. proffer well laundered funding to conservative candidates to encourage them and thus dilute the conservative vote across multiple candidates. The way to fix this is simple: A party primary run off between the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes when no single candidate receives over 50% of the votes cast. The party should ensure there are open debates between those two candidates. I expect blow back from aristocratic candidates because firstly, they will need more votes to appear on the ballot in the general election, and secondly, they will be more closely examined by voters prior to the run off. #WyomingWasp



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